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Vintage signs and more: Inspiration triggers

Do you see the signs in the Vintage Signs along the road?

“Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!” ~ Bob Marley

Past and Present

Faded beauty of forgotten items, vintage signs, and leftovers from the past triggers our creativity

Ahhh…vintage signs. Old Advertising. How I love thee. I can’t pass an old barn on the back roads. It’s true. I want to stop at all of them. I dream of pulling off a few chippy, peeling, sun-drenched boards and stashing them in my car. If the barn has an old, faded, painted sign on the side, you can be sure I’m stopping for a mandatory photoshoot.

It’s the same with old buildings where you see glimpses of the old advertising in East Coast cities. My old Victorian Candy store home in Baltimore had a neighbor with the most amazing sign on the side of the building. That is an inspiration to me. I dream of being an old school sign painter. The bottom line is that the patina of the past pulls at my heartstrings. I want to capture the feeling. I know our tribe is with me on this.

Vintage signs, also called Ghost signs from east coast buildings

Seeing the potential in the discarded

Are you like this too? Do you also see the potential in the discarded? Even if you don’t know how to incorporate it into your home? Does a vintage sign make your heart skip a beat? My blessing and skill in life is that I am a finder of things: I’ll help you layer your home in the patina of the past. I come upon this trait organically, since my Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and Parents were also gifted with this skill. Above all, I see beauty where others see something to discard, My brain immediately conjures up ways to incorporate the left behind in new ways. For a long time, I just did this for myself but then after so many friends and family asked for my input, I realized perhaps I have a skill in this area.

Vintage Signs and cash register flags
Old Cash Register Flags are beautiful

Going forward….taking the forgotten and using it to inspire new products

Because this is part of genuine leanings as a person, I started Found Objects Gal. Embracing that I am not only a finder but a natural creator and maker who takes joy in combining elements of our past to make unique pieces for my own home or someone else’s. I also have found strength in helping others shop within their own homes for things that make them happy, as well as craft ways to emphasize these items. We also help you release what doesn’t inspire. After all, these things all go together. I am proud that we have always been known for the one of a kind pieces that decorate many of your homes.

We will continue with the hunt for these items of course. But we are also going to focus on creating so new related pieces. For instance, a line of regional or local signs, useful pieces and possibly even repurposed furniture that incorporates found items, rusty gleams and many layers of patina. Others will have a more narrow focus, also centered around specific places, towns or things we love, but incorporating them into what we call useful decorative. We want to layer your home in patina, so you are surrounded by what makes you specifically happy. Bringing joy to your home. We also will take on more custom projects, using memories, pieces, and photos from your own family and are happy to talk about ideas. Great for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, house warmings and memory gifts.

We appreciate you too

But in the meantime, we thank you all for supporting our small business. We appreciate the opportunity to share our finds and creations with you and love to see our pieces and finds in your home, being loved. xo

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