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Found Objects Gal Goods & Grocery LogoVintage Home Decor & artisan-made useful goods for your home, Goods & Grocery that pulls at the “food memory” heartstrings, old favorites, and regional specialties!


So who is Found Objects Gal, where did it come from, and what’s it all about anyway?

Found Objects Gal is a vintage and artisan shop that quickly had to evolve and take advantage of professional contacts and past experience to stay afloat during the COVID pandemic. 

The pandemic forced Found Objects Gal to pivot and change our business model to keep money coming in while the world sorted itself out. While contemplating options, I was reminded of a conversation 13 years ago, with a small business owner of a thriving retail store (thriving despite an economic depression) who taught me that, during difficult times, people need food, comfort, and safety first, and pleasurable items like toys or home decor or furniture, etc…are just not essential items. So, I kept this in mind, chose not to panic, put away my vintage and metal making hats, and looked around to see what people were in need of during the lockdown. Considered how I could help–then worked through all my contacts, connections, and resources to find solutions that could bring in income and keep the lights on so to speak.

Well now…about 18 months later, Found Objects Gal has evolved into a new-fangled Mercantile of sorts: Still the same Purveyors of Vintage Charm with Luscious Patina, Inventive Decor with Repurposed Style… but now offering Regional Food Specialties, beloved Food Memories, Healthy (and maybe less healthy but joyful) Snacks, and Hydration options. To reflect our evolution, we think of our identity now as Found Objects Gal Goods & Grocery. Still familiar to our existing customers and a more accurate reflection of our new core and direction.

We are now selling in our store on eBay, a shop on Etsy, a shop on theWMarketplace, and with sales on Mercari, Bonanza, Poshmark, Tradesy, and the mega eCommerce site of all, Amazon. 

And, WHAT are we selling on all those e-commerce sites you ask?

More of our custom metalwork and signs as well as the unique and fabulous vintage finds for your home but the focus has shifted towards Goods and Grocery items. Specifically Regional Food products we learned were difficult to acquire during the Pandemic and also those really important “food memory” items that give us a sense of home, comfort, and familiarity at a unique time in the world where comfort and connection are paramount. Even as we migrate back towards the light and openness, and “post-vaccine” life, we have found so much joy in providing what our customers are struggling to find, quickly and safely, that this is our direction and focus going ahead.

What started as a way for Found Objects Gal to keep the lights on during a time things were closed, become Found Objects Gal Goods & Grocery: a resource that has helpful for thousands of buyers across the USA and around the world. It’s both gratifying and inspiring to do our part in this.

What began in its evolution as “whatever it takes right?” became “How can we best serve in our own small way, provide needed items safely and quickly, and bring happiness to our customers”.

Oh, where are we now?

An adventurer at heart, Found Objects Gal Goods & Grocery is dual coastal, presently based in warm and sunny Southern California, though our hearts are back at our crabtastic Maryland location. 

Background about us!

I grew up in Maryland, just below the Pennsylvania line, in a historic 28 room Victorian Boarding House called the Epworth. I was the youngest of eight and my family was made up of Antique Dealers and Estate Liquidators (parents, grandparents, aunt, and uncle) so I spent my formative years attending Flea Markets, Estate Sales, Antique Shows, and Auctions.

Formative Friday nights at the auction house with the Grandparent influences

I have great memories of Friday nights at the small auction house in the town my grandparents lived in when I was tiny. I recall sitting with my grandfather, a hotdog with mustard and onions in hand, and watching him behave like the celebrity he was in this town. Wheeling and dealing, bidding on items with a slight nod of the head, shaking hands, and always explaining to me what he was buying and what he would sell it for. It was exciting.

To this day, I feel the same rush of excitement at auctions and can’t listen to the auctioneer without thinking of Pop-Pop. He was the one who told me he was a purveyor of goods, and why I initially included “purveyor” in my vintage/artisan business name. He was also a natural storyteller that shared the story behind every piece to those buying from their antique business, The Wee Flea. He often chuckled and called me the “little gal who found stuff”. My Grandmother had a vast and sparkling collection of vintage Carnival glassware that she had been amassing for decades. Every time I visited when young, I’d ask about the vibrant pieces with swirls of color (I’m sure the Carnival name caught my attention too!) I was apparently so fixated by her antique, painted glass lamp that my grandfather wrote my name on a tag and attached it under the lamp. Now, years after they both have departed, I look at that lamp daily and am reminded to do whatever it takes to get through hard times. 

For me, it all began with treasuring something that had been special to someone else. Finding the discarded and giving it renewed life. The all-important story.

I love the old, worn, and dated pieces that just take some love to give them a new shine. Taking these pieces and layering them into my eclectic mix of finds is like warm layers of paint to me. A story in every layer. And in my eyes, a home that has a diverse “Collected over time” patina is a home that speaks a story. I liked to share the story as much as the found pieces. Pretty much anyone that knows me, knows this is a given.

It was all this that led to Found Objects Gal.

I appreciate all the support as Found Objects Gal has evolved. No matter where you met Found Objects Gal–whether in-person or online, we value your patronage! This latest chapter has been a roller coaster ride but we are in for the long haul and thank you all for strapping in there with us. Whatever it takes right?

Thank you for being along for the ride. You are appreciated.

xo Found Objects Gal



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